4 Ways to Advance Your Career This Summer

How to Enjoy Summer While Still Getting Ahead at Work

2. Prepare for the Next Step

If you decide that it might be worth exploring new opportunities, use the summer to test the waters.

  • Use the Salary.com Salary Wizard to find out how much your skills are worth on the market
  • Update your resume so that it’s remains current in case something interesting pops up
  • Create a web presence and gather some materials to develop a portfolio of your best work
  • When heading to the beach, skip the books about “Lean Diet” and instead pick up “Lean In” to learn negotiation skills
  • Use happy hours, summer barbecues and weddings as informal networking to learn more about new opportunities
  • Use a summer Friday to go on an interview, just to see what’s out there

Even if things are slow or you find that you’re still pretty happy in your current job, things can change fast – you’ll be the one that’s prepared in the fall if the economy takes a turn or an amazing opportunity arises.