5 Overlooked Design Tips to Set You Apart & Get You a Job

How to Show Potential Employers You're More Than Just Words on a Page

Tips to Get Started on Your Website

There are really only 3 steps you need to do:

  1. Register your name with a site like GoDaddy
  2. Create a fast and free landing page with a site such as About.me or Flavors.me. Upload one of your new photos (see, I told you they’d come in handy), write a quick bio, and connect all your social media sites
  3. Set up a redirect so that "yourname.com" goes to "about.me/yourname"

What this allows you to do is have a simple web presence for search results and be able to put "yourname.com" on your resume and business card without a clunky address such as "yourname.blogspot.com" or "flavors.me/yourname"

When I tell people this, I usually get two questions:

  1. "That seems really basic, can’t I set up a blog instead?" Of course! If you want a multi-page website showcasing all of your talents, or want to start a blog on Wordpress or Tumblr, by all means go for it. I recommend checking out Themeforest.net for some pre-designed templates that look fantastic and cost about $30. This was just a baby step for people just starting out.
  2. "What if my name is common and someone already has it?" Great question. I went ahead and listed out seven suggestions if your website name is already taken (and 3 things not to do), such as using another extension (.co or .net) or adding a modifier to your name.