5 Things Learned from Ruth Porat's Offer Letter

Turns Out Millionaires Get Offer Letters Just Like Us

Rich or Poor, Offer Letters Are Still Necessary

If you’ve worked at any level in the corporate world, you’ve probably received an offer letter of employment. As a teenager, your first job offer – babysitting, mowing lawns, washing dishes, waiting tables – was probably pretty informal. Ah, but that first official offer letter.

Sure, things might have gone great on your interview. You’re 99% sure they’re going to give you the job. Hopefully you negotiated a nice salary increase. You can’t wait to tell your parents and friends. And HR even verbally said you got the position. But it wasn’t fully, totally official until you had the written offer letter in hand. And it was glorious.

Not to burst your bubble, but was it as glorious as the offer letter that Ruth Porat, the new CFO of Google received?

Sure, the numbers are staggering for the average worker: $70 million in total. But let’s look at a few of the takeaways.