5 Unconventional Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

Getting Out of Your Element Is an Element of Negotiating Success

Being Out of Your Element Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing

Have you ever felt a little bit out of your element? Of course you have. Maybe it was traveling to a foreign country, eating an exotic meal that you’ve never experienced, or pursuing a new hobby outside your comfort zone.

There are two other areas where people often find themselves out of their element: Negotiating their salary and starting their first business. And yet, they have a lot in common. And so it was that I found myself a bit out of my element on a bustling night in New York. I spent the afternoon at a co-working space called Impact Hub, and on my way out they were setting up for an event called the “Women Motivating Women Power Panel.”

I stopped to chat with 3-4 early arriving attendees, and had a great conversation around the topic of changing careers, the future of work, and starting an inspiring business. I decided to stick around and set up shop in the far back of the room, as 50-60 women filled the event space. I later spoke with Lisa O'Donoghue-Lindy of Career 2.0, a labor of love for five women based in Washington DC. Their goal is sharing stories of women who have started over in new professions or launched companies, with the hope of inspiring others to follow their passion.