5 Unconventional Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

Getting Out of Your Element Is an Element of Negotiating Success

4. Never Underestimate Yourself

The second tip was from Deborah Hernan of Ottilie & Lulu, a natural skin care company catering to the “tween” market. Hernan talked about her fascinating career, including managing the schedule and communications for Elizabeth Taylor. My favorite part of her story was finding out that the typical drugstore shelves were divided between baby items, and products for teenagers, neither of which fit her tween demographic. Undaunted, she ended up finding a fit with an unlikely retailer: Toy store FAO Schwartz.

This type of ingenuity can work in negotiations as well. First, you must always have faith in yourself, and never underestimate the true skills you have for a job. Second, it’s important to look for creative ways to solve a problem, even if you’re told, “it’s just always been done this way.”