5 Unconventional Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

Getting Out of Your Element Is an Element of Negotiating Success

2. Use All Available Resources

Mary Molina of Lola Granola provided this tip to the audience. Her company makes gluten-free snack bars sourced from ingredients such as Massachusetts cranberries, New Jersey blueberries, and New York honey and oats.

As you can imagine, there are a thousand things an entrepreneur needs to learn when taking a company that started in a kitchen and is now featured in stores such as Whole Foods: ingredients, sourcing, packaging, distribution, hiring, marketing, legal, technology, and so on. However, there are also thousands of resources to tap into for knowledge, so don’t do it alone.

You also don’t need to go it alone in your negotiation. From Salary.com’s free salary info to their personal salary report, as well as advice from friends, mentors, and coaches, seek out resources that have done it before.