6 More Odd Jobs That Pay Big Bucks

High-Paying Jobs You Might Not Have Ever Heard Of

You do WHAT for a living??

A couple of years ago we combed through our vast database of more than 4,000 jobs and picked out 11 of the oddest among them that paid a decent salary. To this date it's one of our most-read pieces. So we figured it was time for Round 2.

Some of these were left off the list last time around and some of them are new jobs that have been added to our jobs salary library since the first article was published. But unless you're someone who already works in these occupations, most of you will be saying "Huh? I didn't know that was a job," and "Holy $%*&, that job pays how much??" We searched through our extensive library of job titles and came up with some off-the-beaten-path occupations that all pay approximately $40,000 and above.

Who knows, you might just find something you like in here and consider a career change.