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Are Your New Year's Resolutions Not So New (or Resolved)?

It’s March. Raise your hand if you remember the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve. Anyone? C’mon now. Just one.

Hmmm. That’s what I thought. New year’s resolutions are for new years. Once the year has lost its newness, March rolls around along with streets full of icky, melted snow and we tend to lose the fresh-faced, "bring on the change!" attitude we had back in January.

What happened to all that enthusiasm? Productivity guru David Allen wisely pointed out making resolutions at the end of the year may not be such a good idea. Why? Because inevitably we end up looking at all the things we did wrong last year (botched Project X, worked too much, etc.) and make a long list of all the behaviors we will correct in the new year.

In other words, we make a grocery list of all our failures and then berate ourselves for not keeping to resolutions. Ouch. A couple years of that and you just do what everyone else does: forget about them. Or don’t make them at all. So here's what I suggest as an alternative.