6 Reasons You Can't Get Anything Done at Work

With So Many Distractions, Here's How to Keep Your Head Down & Remain Focused

The Importance of Buckling Down

You know the feeling when you look at the clock and suddenly it’s 5 p.m. and your to-do list is barely touched. Thanks to multiple meetings, an email inbox with an endless supply of new requests and information, and shifting project deadlines that demand juggling, it’s no wonder that many of us reach the end of the day the way an exhausted runner approaches the finish line: spent.

Even when you think you’re buckling down, chances are you’re not as productive as you could be. Taking a quick break for coffee or fresh air is one thing. However, a mental shift to scouring the Web for those cute cat videos or funny memes and keeping up with personal social networks cuts into productivity, costing businesses about $1.1 billion a week according to business liability insurance company BOLT.

There’s a mental cost to distractions, too. Although taking on more than one thing at a time may appear to be the most productive way to tackle a packed workload, studies showl multitasking may not be the most effective way to get everything done. For instance, that glance at your phone is enough to send your train of thought off the rails, according to new research showing that a three-second distraction can double the number of mistakes people make.