6 Ways to Exert More Influence at Work

Tips to Influence Everyone from Your Bosses to the Office Bully

Getting Respect from Bullies to Bosses

Ever feel like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield -- that no matter what you do at work you just "can’t get no respect?"

From the bully in the cubicle next to you to a boss who seems oblivious to your accomplishments to the people reporting to you who are loathe to make any tough decisions themselves, your day at the office carries more baggage than the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. Yet every moment of the day when we are interacting with other human beings, there is an opportunity -- if not a pressing need -- to assert our influence and move closer to our various goals by cooperation of others. 

What follows is a list of five circumstances in which you may find yourself interacting with the incumbent players and actors these situations feature, any of which can either stand in the way or provide critical support for your various goals and objectives. 

Entire books could be written about each of these situations, but my goal was to give you at least one way of exerting influence that tilts the odds of success in each of these situations or contexts in your favor. You're well advised to seek out additional resources, but the following should give you a start.