7 Career Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Common Missteps That Haunt Almost All Employees

6. You're Unhappy

Happiness is not overrated in the slightest.

Look, not every job is going to fuel your soul, help the planet, save orphans, or give you the warm and fuzzies. Nothing is perfect. But if you’re truly miserable in your job then you have to take steps to remedy the situation, because if you’re miserable then your job performance likely isn’t far behind.

Maybe you can switch jobs internally? It might be possible to relocate within the company or find another job. Perhaps you can work on an upcoming project to help get you out of your rut. Or try asking your boss to work from home so you can spend more time with your family.

Anyone who has ever worked a job in which they dread coming in to the office every day can appreciate how much better life got when they found something they liked. Whatever the problem is, there’s likely a few things you can do to better your situation. You just have to take action.