7 Job Search Tips for the New Year

Find Out Which Job Search Goals You Need for 2015

Do You Have a Blueprint for Job Search Success?

Like a brand-new day, 2015 is peeping over the horizon, promising changes to come. Now’s a great time to pause in your job search, set new goals, and find ways to keep established goals fresh as you map out where you want your career to go in the new year.

Question: do you have a 2015 career blueprint? And why would you need one, anyway? Well, working without a job-search plan can set you up for a lot of frustration and can stall forward motion in your career. Instead of losing ground trying to figure things out willy-nilly, pause now and set a strategic course that will position you to find healthy flexible work arrangements and determine the best job options for you.

Use these seven strategies to help you embrace new career changes with confidence!