7 Spectacular Ways to Quit Your Job

Real-Life Employees Who Went Out with a Bang

Going Out With a Bang

We’ve all been there.

You’re at a job you no longer enjoy. In fact, some days you can barely muster up the will to drive to work. The mere thought of having to deal with your awful boss and plod through the drudgery of Monday morning seems to loom over you and ruin your entire weekend. In short, you hate your job. And you’ve decided to quit.

But how do you plan on doing it?

Most people give the standard two-week notice in writing. But for a select group of employees who didn’t feel the bare minimum was good enough, quitting also became a matter of sending a message. These real-life examples of people quitting their jobs might put a smile on your face, but is it really worth torching the bridge and risking your future hiring chances? Let’s take a look.