7 Spectacular Ways to Quit Your Job

Real-Life Employees Who Went Out with a Bang

4. Grab a Beer and Fly Away

Flying can be stressful. Taking care of stressed airline passengers even more so.

That’s why, in 2010, Steven Slater – then a JetBlue flight attendant – found one of the more unique ways of quitting a job while his plane was taxiing to its gate at JFK Airport in New York City. After a passenger allegedly became irate and then hit him in the head with a carry-on bag with no apology, Slater unleashed a verbal tirade over the plane’s PA system. He announced he was quitting, grabbed two beers, opened the plane’s door, and slid down the emergency inflatable slide.

Unfortunately for Slater, he later pled guilty to a charge of attempted criminal mischief for his stunt, proving once again you have to quit with caution.