7 Tips for Mothers Reentering the Workforce

How to Use Your Parenting Skills to Your Advantage

What Would Wonder Woman Do?

You might be thinking of Wonder Woman, the action-hero but in fact I’m talking about the real, day in/day out action-hero we call mom.

I got into the ‘job board’ business back in 1997. Not too long after that I was introduced to Salary.com as a result of hearing of their Mom Salary Wizard. BRILLIANT idea to calculate what a stay-at-home-Mom’s time is worth! BTW—you might want to note that ‘mom’ might not even have kids but is in fact caring for her own parents.

In my “The Real Secret to Finding a Job” book I devoted a chapter to the stay-at-home-mom which I call the professional mom. So Wonder Woman has, for whatever reason, decided that the time is right to get back into the workforce but she has no "experience." Really?! I don't think so, and here's why.