7 Ways to Quit Your Job Gracefully

Just Because You're Leaving Doesn't Mean You Should Burn Bridges

5. Create a Manual & Offer to Train Your Replacement

When you leave, it's going to be chaos for everyone else still working there for a little while. So why not try to make that turmoil a little easier?

The first thing you should do is create a manual for whoever is coming in to fill your position. Just an outline of what you do, your schedule, and how you go about accomplishing your job responsibilities. Be sure to include any necessary passwords (especially for things like corporate social media accounts or any program that requires access only you have had) so you aren't fielding desperate calls while you're getting your feet wet at your new job. Also, if your company knows who your replacement will be, offer to spend your remaining time training him/her so the transition will be smoother when you finally leave.