9 Holiday Movies With Hidden Career Advice

Classic Holiday Movies With Timeless Advice About Work and Life

Holiday Movies Have Some Good Work Advice

If you're like most Americans, you enjoy one, most, or all of the holiday classics that play around the clock during the holiday season. But I'll bet you didn't realize it's more than just entertainment.

That's right, your favorite holiday classic movies also contain some timeless and accurate advice about work, furthering your career, and work/life balance as well. I mean c'mon, did you really think Rudolph was just pulling a sled? Did you think there was nothing more to Frosty than simply being a magic snowman? And don't be fooled by Clark W. Griswold's goofy outward demeanor, because even he has some valuable things to teach people about getting ahead.

So when you're celebrating the holidays this year around the TV, look for these hidden lessons and then enjoy your favorites in a whole new light.