9 New Jobs for Santa When Christmas Is Canceled

What if Santa Claus Considered a Career Change?

Everyone Thinks About Changing Careers

Most people have thought about changing jobs. But what if you’re someone who has been doing a job for what seems like forever? Someone with a truly unique set of skills? Someone like -- Santa Claus.

Even those of us with great jobs occasionally wonder if the grass is greener. So it stands to reason the big guy in red -- who has been doing the same gig for quite a while now -- might be a little bored with dashing, dancing and prancing across the globe every Christmas Eve. But even if he could find someone else to make the toys, drive the sleigh and tend to the reindeer, what the heck would he do in his newfound profession?

Although Santa has a distinguished resume, there are still certain jobs that would not be a good fit. It’s safe to say the mass consumption of cookies and sweets over the years rules out things like dietitian and nutritionist. And while we fully respect Santa’s body of work, it’ll be difficult to get work as a personal trainer with that body.

So what’s left? We took a break from our number-crunching, had a little fun, and combed our database of more than 4,000 jobs to come up with a few suggestions.