9 of the Biggest Job Search Myths

Separate Harmful Myths from Good Advice When Job Hunting

3. The Person with the Best Skills Gets Hired

Yes, top-notch skills are important. Vital even. Having the necessary skills and training to do a job is absolutely essential to your chances of impressing your interviewer and beating out other jobseekers. But it’s not always enough, nor is it always the most important thing for which employers are looking.

If you’re not familiar with the term “cultural fit,” you need to be. It’s a term that describes how well your personality meshes with the general attitude and atmosphere of the company to which you’re applying. And more employers than ever are using cultural fit as a litmus test, because while skills can be taught and developed through training, no employer wants to risk good morale by hiring a candidate who isn’t a good fit with the company culture.

If your skills are slightly below par for the job to which you’re applying, really try to play up the ways in which you’re a great match for the company on a personal level.