9 Reasons Your Resume Gets Rejected

Hard Truths About Why Your Resume Keeps Ending Up in the Trash

The REAL Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

On average, resumes are received 200 seconds after being submitted. Once a hiring manager lays eyes on it, he/she will spend anywhere from 5 to 7 seconds reading it before making a decision to pass it on or trash it. If you haven't been getting any callbacks, it's likely you're ending up in the trash. But why?

Look, let's start by admitting the hiring process is an imperfect and sometimes unfair science. Companies could see hundreds of resumes for a single opening, and since time is of the essence hiring managers have no choice but to quickly weed out the resumes they initially deem unfit. That means you could very well be the perfect person for the job, but if your resume isn't packaged correctly or if you have a glaring error on it, you won't even get a chance to prove it.

So what are the cardinal sins and the mistakes that raise the red flags that lead your resume to the recycling bin? Some of them are common sense, yet hiring managers the world over continue to see the same errors made time and time again. Here they are for you to avoid.