9 Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs

Careers That Pay a Whole Lot Less Than You Think

That's All They Make?!

All through my childhood, I thought classroom teachers must make a million dollars a year.

After all, look at how much they work both inside and out of the classroom. And consider the work they do -- shaping young minds. These are people who are depended on the world over to raise future generations of educated, employable adults. Some argue it is the most important job one can have in our society. But then I grew up and found out what the overwhelming majority of us have come to know -- teachers don't make a million dollars a year. Not even close.

That's why a job like teaching doesn't make this list, because everyone knows they're underpaid. Instead, we're focusing on jobs many people think are super lucrative, but are actually well below those expectations. The jobs can still pay well, it's just they don't pay nearly as much as people think. So we combed through our archive of more than 4,000 job titles to uncover surprisingly low-paying jobs. Sorry if we burst a few bubbles.