9 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

Avoid Saying Stupid Things That Could Cost You a Job Offer

8. "So how much does this job pay?"

Look, we all know salary is usually the most important factor when deciding whether or not you’ll take the job. But despite the old saying “honesty is the best policy,” in this case it’s usually wise to pretend that’s not the case and hold off on talk of compensation.

When you lead with the salary question, you’re basically screaming “SO WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?!” at your interviewer. And you’re making it perfectly clear your top priority is a paycheck, which could be a red flag for many employers.

Do your research on Salary.com prior to the interview so you’ll know the general salary range even if they don’t disclose it up front. Then, take their temperature on the salary discussion. Make sure they want you and you want them before you talk turkey.