9 Tips on Napping at Work

9. Try Promoting a "Nap Culture" at Work.

If your company is currently "on the fence" about napping, try educating your colleagues about the benefits of catching a few daytime winks. In some workplaces, dialogue about napping just has never really happened. You might be the one to get the ball rolling. Here are some pointers:

  • Emphasize that napping at work is different from "sleeping on the job." It is an investment in the health of the company and the employees alike.
  • Mention the benefits of napping, including enhanced productivity, improved memory, greater creativity, and enhanced morale.
  • Note that rested workers produce cost savings  for companies, in the form of healthier employees, fewer sick days, and greater productivity in the workplace.  
  • Offer examples of companies that have successfully adopted nap policies.