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Breadth of Solutions's highly configurable software helps HR and compensation professionals automate and streamline critical talent management processes to attract, retain, develop and reward the top talent critical to business success.

Competency Management Creating a high-performance and adaptive workforce

Compensation as the Foundation to a Talent Management Strategy

Implementing High ROI Competency-Based Workforce Initiatives

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Easy-to-use software for efficiency and performance
Cutting-edge technology doesn’t have to be complex to use. Our intuitive, easy-to-use software makes compensation and performance management simple. And because it’s web-based, there’s no hardware or software to install and little to no necessary IT support.
  • On-demand software deploys rapidly via the Internet for fastest time to benefit.
  • Secure FlexTenant™ platform provides a safe reliable and scalable architecture
  • Affordable configurations fit your budget, company size and business requirements.

Decision-ready data for educated planning
To help you to attract qualified candidates and retain and reward valued employees, provides the most in-depth, robust data that empowers you to make informed performance management decisions every time.
  • Compensation data for more than 3,500 jobs and executive pay at all U.S. public companies.
  • Competency data for 68 job families and 900 jobs with more than 3,600 learning references.
  • Vertical coverage across 21 industries with expanded coverage in global technology. for Employers