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Depth of Experience's HR experts understand technology. And our technologists are trained and certified to know HR. This combination results in unbeatable collaboration and award-winning, best-of-breed software products that reflect the best practices used in the workplace. That approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Competency Management Creating a high-performance and adaptive workforce

Compensation as the Foundation to a Talent Management Strategy

Implementing High ROI Competency-Based Workforce Initiatives

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Competency-driven talent management
Our approach to competency-based talent management starts with our software—an integrated suite built around a core of job-based competencies. is the most effective way for employers of all sizes to align goals and match talent to roles you need. In addition, is the industry leader in market pricing data that helps you benchmark, compensate and reward your people. Our software enables you to analyze pay competitiveness, simplify cumbersome survey participation and automate market pricing all in a single, web-based solution
HR expertise fused with cutting-edge technology
Our product development teams— comprised of experts from the talent management, competency, leadership development, compensation, human resources and software fields—build relevant, award-winning solutions. We have recognized talent management and competency industry trailblazers and more than 70 Certified Compensation Professionals (CCP®s) at work every day building and supporting products. So our software is held to the most exacting industry standards for business relevance, usability and information security. for Employers