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Our Approach

In 1999, saw that individuals, as well as large and small employers all needed access to previously shrouded compensation data. Early on, we also created offerings that serve small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and global enterprises with compensation, talent management and competencies data, tools, software and services.

Competency Management Creating a high-performance and adaptive workforce

Compensation as the Foundation to a Talent Management Strategy

Implementing High ROI Competency-Based Workforce Initiatives

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Strategic solutions
We saw the need for HR departments to play a more strategic role in the business process and develop sound business cases for talent management programs that link pay to performance.’s software automates and streamlines market pricing, compensation planning and performance management.

Our content-rich talent management, compensation and competencies software and services help employers manage, compensate, and develop employees to fuel performance and deliver outstanding results.

Our on-demand technology opens up the expertise of’s team of certified compensation professionals to everyone – from the largest employers to small business owners – facilitating accurate and fast compensation decisions.
Customer focused
We understand that value systems around compensation, talent management and competencies practices vary across different organizations. So we’ve developed software that embraces and adapts to each company’s unique needs and processes. Everyone at is focused on delivering cost-effective and reliable solutions that meet your specific compensation and talent management challenges. for Employers