10 Jobs That Allow You to Travel for Free

Have you ever opened Instagram, scrolled through your feed, and see post after post of the same people in a yet another new exotic location and thought…How can they afford it? How do they have so much vacation time? Is their work-life balance just that good? Wait…what do they do for work anyway and how can I land one of those?

The answer could be that they have a job that lets them travel for free. In this article you will learn some potential career paths to get out there, and probably make your followers jealous, too! We will cover jobs including a personal-shopper, vlogger, travel writing, working visas, traveling nurse career opportunities, teaching overseas, investing, photography – even street performing!

Guide Overview

  1. Become a Personal-Shopper and Get Paid to Travel.
  2. Freelance Jobs That Pay You to Travel.
  3. Become a Famous Travelling Vlogger as a Career.
  4. Travel Writing Blog Jobs.
  5. Jobs That Travel – Working Visas.
  6. Travelling Nurse Jobs.
  7. Become a Language Teacher as a Traveling Job.
  8. Investment as a job that lets you travel.
  9. Become a street performer and travel as a job.
  10. Travel Photography Jobs.

There are many jobs that require travel, but many require professional certificates – like a pilot. In order to become a pilot, you need to get the professional flight training for 3-5 years and be in peak mental and physical condition. It's specific job requirement shown on pilot hiring websites. A tour guide is another example of certificated jobs that require travel and pay well. Nowadays, people are seeking tailored experiences in world travel, which provides opportunities for tour guides. If you can speak foreign languages, make perfect travel plans, and have talent in communicating with foreign strangers, you could become a private tour guide after attaining a tourist certificate. It is a new industry, but you can check relative salary information on Salary.com. These jobs that travel require lots of time and preparation and may eliminate one of the best parts of travel – local culture! Here, we have compiled 7 achievable traveling jobs that make sure you can work, but still experience the world and have fun new experiences.

1. Become a Personal-Shopper and Get Paid to Travel.

Do you love to shop? Always being complimented on your outfits or home decor? You could get paid to travel as a personal shopper. As a personal shopper who travels the globe, you would be able to visit countries all over the world. This could also help boost your resume for a future career as a fashion buyer or fashion blogger. Making money through commission and advertisements would allow you to splurge for yourself as well along the way! One thing to keep in mind is that exchange rates vary from country to country, so always make sure you compare to your native currency before setting prices or spending.

2. Freelance Jobs That Pay You to Travel.

The changing technology landscape has created more and more freelance opportunities and opportunities to work while traveling. For graphic design, writing, and coding, you can accomplish your assignments from anywhere, as long as you have a strong internet connection. Not only are these jobs that let you travel, you can stay in one place as long or short as you want! There is no limit to where you can go and how flexible you want to be. Not sure how much you could make? Check the salary level on Salary.com to be prepared.

3. Become a Famous Travelling Vlogger as Career.

Vlogging has become a part of daily life, with countless contributors and topics. Vloggers create unique and immersive content for viewers, both showing them new parts of the world and raising attention to important causes. How do vloggers make money? Depending on the number of followers a vlogger has, they are more likely to be paid through ads and sponsorships. For example, let’s say you’re a vlogger who posts about surfing. You may receive a sponsorship from a wet suit to wear their brand exclusively. They would pay you and provide you with wet suits, and in turn you would provide them with more exposure through your social media presence.

4. Travel Writing Blog Jobs.

It is very popular to take travel writer jobs to enable travel. You can either post your travel on a social media platform, or make your own blog. This is a flexible opportunity, allowing you to write in real time while on the road, or more in depth when you get home. If you blog has a large readership, hotels or activities may be comped for exposure, so not only would you get paid to travel, your overhead on trips could be reduced!

5. Jobs That Travel – Working Visas.

For countries like Australia, the government allocate a certain number of working visa to encourage young professionals to join their workforce. People with working visas can become travelling nurses, work in a restaurant, work in their desired field, etc. while still experiencing a foreign culture. Backpackers often get working visas and then take on seasonal jobs which allow them to experience different areas of a country. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet people from all over the world. This path is highly recommended for young adults who would like to take a gap year somewhere like Australia or New Zealand.

6. Taking travel nursing jobs

If you have degree in nursing or medicine, your best bet for a travelling job is looking for travel nurse practitioner jobs or similar travelling medic opportunities. In many countries, such as Australia, there plenty of opportunities for nursing in rural areas, for varying lengths of time. It gives you a great opportunity to be deeply involved in a foreign community. If you're curious how much a traveling nurse makes search for the nursing salary online.

7. Become a language teacher as a traveling job.

As a native speaker in English or Chinese, you have the chance to be a language teacher while travelling. The need for an English or Chinese teacher is growing because of globalization and international business. Teaching overseas means you can visit local attractions, but also have your weekends free to visit nearby areas.

8. Investment as job that lets you travel.

This one is a little different from the others, and is definitely a high risk, high reward scenario. Online investing can be done anywhere, and you could even use the time difference to create opportunities for yourself. As an example, in 2018 cryptocurrency investments made a lot of money in 2018. The exchange trade runs the whole day, so you have more opportunity to make a decision. However, unlike many other jobs, this one has a high level of uncertainty. You should always think carefully before making any investment.

9. Become a street performer and travel as a job

This one may seem a little out there – but don't write it off just yet. Street performing, or busking, dates back to ancient times and allows you to showcase your talents, from singing, to improv, and everything in between. Guy Laliberte was a busker before starting Cirque du Soleil. You never know when you'll get your big break!

10. Taking travel photography jobs

Similar to being a vlogger, you could become a travel photographer and get paid to travel. You could post your photos to social media, profiting through ads and sponsorships. Alternatively, you could work freelance for various businesses or tourism agencies for free travel while earning money.

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Stop scrolling your feed, get out and travel the world while getting paid, and start making your followers wonder how you can do it! A job that requires travel isn’t for everyone, though. If the 9-5 life is your style, but wonder where to start your career, Salary.com has some other articles you may be interested in.



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