10 Jobs in Higher Education Leadership

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Ever wish you could stay in school forever? Well you can - as a career. If you've checked out our 10 jobs that keep colleges and universities functioning, it's time to graduate to higher education leadership. Whether you aspire to be an alumni affairs director, a head coach, or even a college president, these 10 leadership roles are for folks passionate about giving back to the collegiate experience.

Here are 10 jobs in higher education leadership worth looking at. We've included the average salaries and ranges based on Salary.com data.

1) Bookstore Director - Higher Ed.

Average: $65,103

Salary Range: $51,669-$81,757

What you’ll do: Direct and oversee all activities related to the operation of a university/college bookstore. This person purchases new books, coordinates the sale of used books, and orders new inventory as needed. Ensures that the textbook inventory is aligned with the needs and class schedule of the students. Prepares and manages the staff work schedule so that the store is adequately staffed. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree and 5 years of experience.

2) Corporate Relations Director - Higher Ed.

Average: $90,573

Salary Range: $73,139-$108,870

What you’ll do: Plan and execute the institution's public relations and fundraising program. Builds and sustains communications and relationships with corporations and foundations. Oversees solicitation of gift and grants. Requires a bachelor's degree and 3+ years of managerial experience.

3) Athletic Director - Higher Ed.

Average: $112,933

Salary Range: $87,747-$152,662

What you’ll do: Develop strategies and plans for university athletics department, including intramural, intercollegiate, and recreation athletics. This person is responsible for fundraising, publicity, ticket pricing and distribution, and purchase of new equipment and ensures compliance with all federal, divisional and university athletics regulations. This role typically requires a master's degree and 8+ years of managerial experience.

4) Dean of Students 

Average: $98,537

Salary Range: $81,728-$117,236

What you’ll do: Provide strategic initiatives and direction for student affairs. This person ensures the delivery of effective and quality service to students in the following areas: student housing, counseling, student conduct, and orientation. Counsels the top management regarding overall student morale and services. This role typically requires an advanced degree and 5+ years of managerial experience.

 5) Chief Admissions Officer

Average: $94,517

Salary Range: $76,113-$121,252

What you’ll do: Manage overall college admission program. This person develops and executes strategic recruitment and communication plan to ensure college's enrollment goals and may also take part in graduate school admissions and the scholarship administrations. This role require a master's degree and 5+ years of managerial experience.

6) Alumni Affairs Director

Average: $77,864

Salary Range: $62,280-$94,339

What you’ll do: Oversee services for alumni. This person builds and maintains alumni mailing lists and coordinates and plans alumni functions and activities. This role may require a bachelor's degree and 5 years experience in a related.

7) Housing Director

Average: $72,543

Salary Range: $57,991-$90,809

What you’ll do: Oversee all aspects of on-campus housing for students. This person assigns residence hall managers to each dormitory, reviews and updates all housing policies to ensure the safety of residents, and may also be in charge of an off-campus housing program. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree and 3+ years of managerial experience.

8) College President

Average: $277,697

Salary Range: $209,060-$388,766

What you’ll do: Plan and direct all policies, objectives, and initiatives for a single campus or institution. With a large salary range peaking close to $400,000, this role typically requires a doctorate and years of experience in higher education leadership. A college or university president can expect to report to the Board of Trustees.

9) Annual Gift Director - Higher Ed.

Average: $70,633

Salary Range: $57,022-$84,337

What you’ll do: Plan and implement the university's campaign for monetary aid in annual gifts from alumni and other community members. This person assigns specific campaign programs to Annual Gift Coordinators and is responsible for attracting and retaining prospective donors, monitoring mailings, and analyzing past donations. This role requires a bachelor's degree and may require 5 years experience in a related area.

10) Head Coach (Major Sport)

Average: $76,293

Salary Range: $61,356-$103,559

What you’ll do:  Oversee overall operations of a group of restaurants in an assigned geographic region. This person also recruits and trains managers for each facility within the region and designs high volume sales plans for individual units. This role requires a bachelor's degree in area of specialty.

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