10 Jobs That Require Little to No Experience

10 jobs for people with little to no experience

If you are just graduating from university or changing career tracks, you may have difficulty in finding a job. Most companies prefer hiring experienced staff instead of beginners. Don’t worry. It is possible to find a job even without any experience. Here are 10 options to help you to get a start. You may find that many of them are quite interesting and beneficial for your career prospects.

Administrative/Office Jobs

1. Sales Representative

If you are confident in your social and communication skills, you will enjoy a job as a sales representative. Sales representatives sell products or services to potential customers on behalf of their companies and earn a commission based on sales. You can find a job as a sales representative in almost every industry with little or no previous experience. This role provides opportunity for advancement once you have a better understanding of the company and industry.

2. Librarian

If you love to read, a career as a librarian may be a good choice. It is helpful if you are familiar with and passion for specific genres of literature. And a good understanding of organization and cleanliness will also be helpful. Other duties include the maintenance of resources in other formats such as e-books and video recordings, assistance for patrons with finding information, as well as strong computer and communication skills are necessary. The job is also an ideal way for you to find like-minded people. You can visit your local library and ask about any open positions.

3. Proofreader

Proofreaders check for mistakes and errors in books, translations, websites, and other visual contents. This position requires strong language and grammar skills. Also, a good understanding of multiple topics is a bonus skill. If you are detail oriented and looking for a part-time job, proofreading might be a great opportunity. You would gain a sense of accomplishment from polishing written works and help you to get your foot in the door with other opportunities to work in the publishing industry.

4. Customer Care Specialist

Customer care specialists help with customer inquiries and resolving any issue which may arise. They provide customer support by email, phone, fax and other means of communication. You don’t need much experience for this job, but analysis and problem-solving skills are necessary. In this position, you can enjoy a dynamic working environment and colleagues who are passionate about helping customers achieve their goals efficiently.

Service Jobs

1. Delivery Driver

The rise of online shopping increases the need of delivery drivers globally. These positions typically don’t require much experience. A valid driver’s license is necessary, and you must be able to lift heavy packages to be qualified. Big companies like UberEats, DoorDash, and Amazon are often looking for drivers. Depends on different company, you may not need to own a vehicle, one may be provided for you.

2. Rideshare Driver

If you have a reliable car and free time, you can enjoy the ease of flexible work hours as a rideshare driver. You can register to drive for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft and connect with passengers nearby via their apps. As an independent contractor, rideshare driver typically gets paid via direct deposit rather than cash. The mobile app will provide all the information needed for drivers and passengers, which saves time and helps avoid miscommunication.

3. Barista

Do you like coffee? If so, you might choose to work as a barista in coffee-shop like Starbucks or Costa, with minimal experience required. After a few days of training, employees will have a basic knowledge of various types of coffee and the skills to make them, so these positions are well suited for beginners. Another benefit of being a barista is that you can get a staff discount or coupons for products in the shop. You can choose to work part-time or full-time and may receive a raise after becoming a full-time team member. This job also includes sales, so strong communication skills are required.

Other Jobs

1. Tutor

If you are a college-educated person or a college student, it is a good option for you to be a tutor. Tutors help students with specific subject or skills where they are lacking. A tutor should be friendly, responsible, and be able to give feedback and encouragement to students. There are varies types of tutoring, including home-based tutoring and online tutoring. The income for tutoring is significant compared to most part-time jobs and offers a lot of flexibility. Think about academic topics where you excel, like math, or alternatively an instrument you are skilled in, like piano. Even without any experience, you can still be a good tutor if you commit to it.

2. Youtuber

As the growth of the internet and the development of social media, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website on the internet with a huge user base. Online videos have become one of the hottest commodities. More and more people have begun to make a living by posting original videos on platforms like YouTube. Don’t worry about your lack of experience. As long as you have talents and skills in a special field or want to share your life with people. Only a little video shooting and editing, you can make money from all the hits from audiences around the world.

3. Community Worker

If you care for people in need and want to help others live well, you might try to work as a community worker. Community workers provide the utmost support for people and tackle issues that face their community. They normally work as a group to expand their influence. Sometimes they focus on certain groups and speak for them within the community. These jobs can make a genuine difference in people and your local community, and you are able to work evenings and weekends if you prefer to have your days free.


Generally speaking, it is possible to find a job that pays well even with minimal experience, if you are able to recognize your strengths and skills. With exploring these various options, you may find a career path you are passionate and skilled in.

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