10 Popular Jobs After Retirement That Are Suitable for Seniors

Retirement used to mean the end of your working life, but recently times have changed. There are more and more Americans who are still searching for jobs after retirement. Some people are looking to earn the extra cash, and some may just be seeking for a job to keep themselves sane.

A survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) showed that for incumbents over the age of 50, almost half of the respondents had plans to pick up proper jobs after retirement.

The most prominent motives behind getting jobs after retirement are:

  • Maintaining daily routine
  • Live comfortably
  • Stay healthy and physically and mentally
  • Help with family responsibilities

The good news is that jobs for seniors are growing steadily. If you're looking to embark on a new journey, look no further! Well, part-time jobs for seniors come in several form: freelance, temporary, short-term, part-time or on a seasonal basis. Here are some good and proper jobs for after retirement:

1. Non-profit organization fundraiser

The desire to contribute has no age limit. You can apply your management skills to meaningful work in your favourite non-profit organization. "Older and experienced employees have a lot of connections. It is something valuable for employers especially when it comes to fundraising" said Richard Johnson, chief executive of retirement and income research at the American Institute of Research in Urban Studies. Through this part-time job for seniors, you are also able to find meaning in your life. It's safe to say that you'll be making the world a better place.

2. Consultant

One way to capitalize on your expertise and network is to sell your services as a consultant as a senior citizen job. The schedule of a consultant is also flexible and independent. All these factors contribute to it being a good job for retirees. Moreover, retirees have stronger abilities to deal with problems at work and they clearly know what should or should not be done. You can't deny that the work experience and expertise of the seniors can provide more effective advice to customers.

3. Personal and Home Care

The private care industry is currently booming jobs for retirees, and it is expected that US home care workers will increase by tenfold. Ther's plenty of need for paid retirees at private homes. Your job is to assist the elderly, ill, or disabled people, with routine activities. While the work is rewarding, it could be taxing.

4. Counselling

For many people, retirement is an opportunity to help others through their social and life guidance. According to the Association of Theological Schools, the Baby Boomers are the fastest growing work population in the American Theological Seminary. Marci Alboher, vice president of Civic Ventures, a researcher who studies the Baby Boomer and socially meaningful work, says counselling is the best part-time job for seniors because of their immense life experience. It is inevitable that they can understand and identify with others more easily.

5. Salesperson

Retail is one of the most popular jobs for retired people. You can see an increasing number of retirees starting to work as cashiers or product promoters. Those of you who have great interpersonal skills can consider taking up this job after retirement. It is confirmed that customers often trust words spoken by someone who is older.

6. Tutor

These days, Tutoring is lucrative especially when all teachings can be done online. This job is a great part-time job for seniors to do from home. Experienced teachers can cover more comprehensive topics and can get along well with the students. In addition, experienced teachers know how to pass on the right knowledge to their students efficiently by teaching them how to apply what they have learned. The best part about this job? Tutoring allows you to set your schedule, choose your own clients and charge by hourly rates.

7. Driving

If you like to drive, then you should give this job a consideration. Part-time driving jobs for seniors are being sought after by almost all retirees. You could drive for Uber or Grub Hub a school bus, a food delivery company, or a sign up as a delivery partner for parcels. If you were to take up this job after retirement, be sure that you are fit to drive. Common job requirements are a driver's license and a clean driving record.

8. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents have flexible schedules and spends their time largely out of office. If you enjoy human interactions, then this is one of the best jobs for senior citizens. If you're good at what you do, you're going to live a very comfortable life. But first, you'll need to take the exams to certify yourself as a real estate agent. Should you like to try this out, the skills you should possess are practical skills, from networking to negotiating.

9. Run Your Own Business

What if you do not have certifications from a university? Will there be jobs for seniors without a degree? Yes. You could start your own business. If you've longed to become your own boss, now is the chance! First, you have to find out what you love and see if it is possible to turn it into a business. Then, consider the financial obligations. Do your research before you spend your first dollar. When you're determined to run your business, put consistent effort and focus for at least 6 months. Constant checking and adjusting to get your business up and running will be necessary but it will be so rewarding!

10. Gardening

Gardening is a way to turn your green finger into green money. You could do small time, or if you wish to bring it to another level, you can sell those herbs or flowers that you grow in packets. This job is very suitable for some senior citizens who love to garden. You can take this and turn it into a teaching opportunity too. There are specific services such as shaping rose bushes or how to mow a garden in the proper way.

Hopefully, the retirement gigs listed above can give you an idea of some good part-time jobs for retirees. If you're looking at options for jobs after retirement, make sure to find one that you will enjoy doing. It's time to start brainstorming for your final career in life; one that will give you fulfilment, flexibility and happiness while doing it.

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