4 Steps You Should Follow for an Excellent Job Application

4 Steps You Should Follow for an Excellent Job Application

It's a Saturday morning and you're surfing the internet. Suddenly you find a job posting that meets your skills, degree, and salary expectations perfectly. You don't want to wait to apply and send the you used for your last job application. You wait for the reply, but your application e-mail goes without any form of response.

You forgot a vital aspect about how to apply for a job.

Either it is your first time you've had to apply for a job, or you need to find a job after getting fired. For an excellent job application, enough preparation is necessary. Here are 4 job application tips you should follow before you apply for a job. This guide will cover: how to read the job posting carefully and evaluating yourself; researcing the position and company; updating your resume and cover letter; getting in touch with the company.

Guide Overview

  1. Read the job posting carefully and evaluate yourself
  2. Research the position and company
  3. Update your resume and cover letters
  4. Get in touch with the company

1. Read the job posting carefully and evaluate yourself

You don't want to be under prepared and preparation should be the very first step of a job application. Start by taking a careful look at the job posting. What position do they need? What kinds of skills, degree, certificates or work experience are required for this position? What’s their detailed description of work responsibilities? Do they provide any information about salary and bonus? All this information necessary for you to get started with your application.

Next, you will need to yourself based on what you have found. This will give you an idea of your qualifications for the job. Here are some questions you should consider: Do my degree and skills match their job posting? Do I have enough knowledge of this position? Can I succeed in the role was employed? Through asking these questions, you will have an idea of how you fit this role. If you think you're qualified for this position, move to the next step; if not, find another job to apply for.

2. Research the position and company

Research makes you informed about the position you want to apply for. Average salary, indispensable skills, bonus provided by the company, company's location, cost of travel and living, should all be researched. This process can be tedious and boring, but Salary.com is a great resource, provideing Information for your job search to help you know if the job you apply for is a good match.

You will also need to research the company itself. Find as much information as much as you can about the company. One of the most useful resources for this is the company's official website. This is the fastest way to get a general understanding of the company's current standing, culture, history, and even its executives. Pay attention to the recent news about the company. You can also search on Wikipedia and LinkedIn about the company. This research will not only help you to get the job if you fit the company culture and job you're applying for, but also guide you on how to prepare your application.

3. Update your resume and cover letter

Once you've done your evaluation and research, it's time update your resume and cover letter. Although these 2 steps are tiring, it's worthwhile so you are already ahead of unprepared job applicants: you'll be more targeted on your resume. It is important for you to consider the most appropriate information that is shown on your resume. Listing all the skills you have on your resume is not the best choice. Put yourself in the interviewer's shoes: what kind of skills are required for this job? What kind of information would catch your eye if you were looking through thousands of resumes for this position? Make a list of your answers to these questions, and align them to highlight your skills and other information that can be used to help with job you apply for.

4. Get in touch with the company

Once you have applied to the job, get in touch with the company as soon as possible. Usually, you can find the e-mail for application sending in the job posting, as well as a phone number on the company's website. Direct contact shows your interest and passion for the role.. Ask any questions you may still have, and for more details on the open role. This may impress the interviewer if they told you reached out, and can be helpful when on the interview. Plus, this makes sure that once you send the job application, you will get some form of a reply.

Additional: What Should You Do After Applying for a Job?

Preparing and applying for a job takes a lot, but helps you when trying to get an interview. So what to do after applying for a job? Wait for a reply and prepare for the interview, if the opportunity arises.

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