5 Companies that Help Remote Workers Live and Travel Abroad

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Do you ever sit in the office and think to yourself – “I could do this job from anywhere?” Well, you’re not alone. In today’s war for talent, remote work flexibility is a major perk to attract the evolving workforce, and it can even increase productivity.

Working from home with your feet up on the coffee table curled up next to your cockapoo makes for a fabulous day, but some folks want more… much more. As remote work arrangements become more prevalent, several organizations have emerged to help you take your talents to exotic locations around the world. From one-week getaways to all-inclusive 12-month odysseys, these organizations offer a wide variety of itineraries, moored on the power of discovery and human connection.

As compiled by the Wall Street Journal, here are five companies that can help remote workers live and travel abroad.

1) Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise – the first ever work and travel community – is aimed at techies, and offers remote work opportunities in Playa Del Carmen, Seoul, and Cape Town, among other hot spots. Prices begin at $750/week for short-term pricing, and $500/week for long-term pricing. The longer you travel, the more you save, but you choose where and when to spend your purchased time.

2) The Remote Life

The Remote Life believes that people should be able to travel, work, and live anywhere in the world, period.  One of their core values is hyper transparency, and their website features a full breakdown of how your precious dollars are covering expenses. Prices begin at $600 for just one week, and $2,000 for a month in locations like Siem Reap, Cambodia and Koh Lanta, Thailand. Packages include work and living accommodations, with a promise of one surprise activity at each location.

3) Unsettled

The folks at Unsettled embrace the unknown, believing a break from the routine appeals to wide-variety of individuals: full-time remote workers, professionals going through career transitions, or folks experiencing genuine life changes. All the usual fixings are there for you to work (SIM card, WiFi), but their shorter-duration retreat-like packages are chalk full of events, parties, happy hours, local experiences, classes, excursions, you name it. 2-week or 1-month itineraries are available for Bali, Tuscany, and Marrakech, among other locations, starting at $1,700.

4) WiFi Tribe

In the WiFi Tribe, every month is a new “chapter” along your journey, and members - you have to apply - can choose how many chapters they want to write within 12 months. Your tribe, of course, is the group of people you adventure with, and the whole world is your home. Members follow seven core values: respect, humility, camaraderie, curiosity, passion, and inclusion. Rates are broken down to 1 month, 2 months, 3-5 months, or 6+ months. For 6+ months in most Latin American and Asian locations, prices start at $900 per 4 weeks, and cover accommodations, workspace, and local events.

5) Remote Year

Remote Year is a boon for those wishing to take remote work as literally as possible. Their longer-duration programs have created a worldwide network of current participants (Remotes) and alumni (Citizens). With teams in 14 cities across the globe from Split to Hanoi, Remote Year currently offers 4- and 12-month itineraries at a clip of one city per month. For an initial fee plus a monthly rate of $2,000, the program covers the cost of travel between locations, accommodations, workspace, and extra excursions.

This isn't a joke: the opportunity to work remotely could lead to the adventure of a lifetime.

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