How to Become a Distribution Center Manager

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Distribution Center Manager

What does a Distribution Center Manager do?

A Distribution Center Manager manages daily activities of a centralized distribution center. Monitors inventory levels to manage expenses, minimize loss, and maximize revenue. Being a Distribution Center Manager ensures that goods are dispatched on time to the appropriate destinations and in the expected quantities. May be responsible for evaluating freight services, negotiating contracts, and managing relationships with chosen vendors. Additionally, Distribution Center Manager may require a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a head of a unit/department. The Distribution Center Manager manages subordinate staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. True first level manager. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. Has full authority for personnel actions. Extensive knowledge of department processes. To be a Distribution Center Manager typically requires 5 years experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 to 3 years supervisory experience may be required.

People's Opinions on Distribution Center Manager responsibilities

A distribution center manager is responsible for the general oversight of a central distribution warehouse.

12/28/2019: Virginia Beach, VA

The manager may also be in charge of various buyer responsibilities, including sourcing vendors, negotiating product specifications and pricing, and monitoring production and delivery schedules.

01/02/2020: Lansing, MI

One of the primary roles a distribution center manager can have is in regards to managing the warehouse's inventory.

12/06/2019: Wilmington, DE

Finding the right balance between these two levels is crucial to running a successful distribution center.

01/12/2020: Pittsfield, MA

In order to successfully plan inventory levels, the manager must also become familiar with the proper sales forecasting trends.

01/26/2020: Medford, OR
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Step 2: Learn best tips to become a Distribution Center Manager

Best tips for those who want to become a Distribution Center Manager

Here are some tips to become a Distribution Center Manager.

People's Opinions on best tips

Assign an aisle to each employee in your warehouse.

01/03/2020: Binghamton, NY

Again addressing the issue of fraud, Hathaway advised that attendees should build a functionality into their databases to flag potential instances of fraud in all order fields (e.g., address block), not just the country code.

02/10/2020: Casper, WY

Consider rail for your transportation needs, said Peel, noting that this is particularly relevant now with the rising fuel surcharges traditional carriers are charging.

12/19/2019: Saint Petersburg, FL

Don't tell your packaging vendor exactly what size box you need, said Holody.

01/20/2020: Rapid City, SD

Prioritize Fast-Moving Products.

12/03/2019: Portsmouth, OH
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Step 3: View best colleges and universities for Distribution Center Manager

Best colleges and universities for Distribution Center Manager

  • Butler University
  • Taylor University
  • California State University--Maritime Academy
  • William Jessup University
  • Fairfield University
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be a Distribution Center Manager

Is being a Distribution Center Manager Worth it?

People's Opinions on lifestyles

Logistics Manager Job (MNC Sporting Goods), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Executive recruitment specialists Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia is recruiting for one of the leading, multinational sporting goods companies in the world.

02/01/2020: Las Cruces, NM

In his 22 years working for Macy’s, one distribution center manager found a way to work the system and pocket enough kickbacks to snag an Aston Martin.

01/15/2020: Madison, WI

Ability to develop strong trustworthy relationships with Operations and the Restaurant Support Center.

03/02/2020: Killeen, TX

Bachelor’s Degree and at least 2 years of experience in a distribution, warehousing or logistics….

03/01/2020: Miami, FL

3+ years management experience in a manufacturing, production or distribution environment.

02/01/2020: Albuquerque, NM
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Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for being a Distribution Center Manager

What skills do you need to be a Distribution Center Manager?

Due to the management level associted with this job, many skills are required to being successful and ensuring the success of your team.  It is necessary to be able to excel with: Distribution Center Management, Distribution Management, Supply Network Planning, Transportation Management.  For management positions, some skills may come as a no brainer, for this role those would be: Distribution Software.  As you can tell, it is no easy feat to be a manager, and the skills required reflect that.

People's Opinions on Distribution Center Manager skills

To become an effective leader, an aspiring distribution center manager should have prior experience in the fields of business, supply chain management, and operations management.

02/05/2020: Albany, GA

On the average, employers require distribution center managers to have at least 2 years of experience in the floor before promoting them.

01/20/2020: Saint Louis, MO

In this very modern world, a distribution center manager should possess technical skills in order to hasten the warehouse logistics processes.

02/11/2020: Tulsa, OK

We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Distribution Center Manager resumes they appeared on.

01/17/2020: Charleston, WV

Let's find out what skills a Distribution Center Manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

01/20/2020: Champaign, IL
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Step 6: View average salary for Distribution Center Manager

How much does a Distribution Center Manager make?

The average salary range for a Distribution Center Manager is from $87,923 to $117,969. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills.

Salary range for a Distribution Center Manager
$87,923 to $117,969

Step 7: Find relevant Distribution Center Manager jobs, and apply.

Looking for Distribution Center Manager jobs?

Search Distribution Center Manager Jobs in the United States

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Distribution Center Manager