How to Become a Forecast Analyst

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Forecast Analyst

What does a Forecast Analyst do?

A Forecast Analyst analyzes inventory levels, production speed, and product demand to determine the amount of finished product that will be produced. Determines the best metrics to use to provide the most accurate representation of the forecast. Being a Forecast Analyst works with other departments within the organization to determine optimal inventory levels. May require a bachelor's degree. Additionally, Forecast Analyst typically reports to a supervisor or manager. The Forecast Analyst occasionally directed in several aspects of the work. Gaining exposure to some of the complex tasks within the job function. To be a Forecast Analyst typically requires 2-4 years of related experience.

People's Opinions on Forecast Analyst responsibilities

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the forecast analyst job.

12/28/2019: Santa Fe, NM

Based on our compensation data, the estimated salary potential for Forecast Analyst will increase 16 % over 5 years.

12/13/2019: Spokane, WA

Describe some problems you encountered in your most recent position As Demand Forecast Analyst and how you resolved them.

12/18/2019: Johnstown, PA

Conflict resolution, problem solving, communication and coping under pressure are transferable skills desired by many employers As Demand Forecast Analyst.

12/26/2019: Nashua, NH

Why are you interested in this type of job As Demand Forecast Analyst.

12/21/2019: Milwaukee, WI
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Step 2: Learn best tips to become a Forecast Analyst

Best tips for those who want to become a Forecast Analyst

Here are some tips to become a Forecast Analyst.

Step 3: View best colleges and universities for Forecast Analyst

Best colleges and universities for Forecast Analyst

  • Butler University
  • Taylor University
  • California State University--Maritime Academy
  • William Jessup University
  • Fairfield University
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be a Forecast Analyst

Is being a Forecast Analyst Worth it?

People's Opinions on lifestyles

You will also work with our team of Forecast and Business Analysts to implement your models in production.

12/29/2019: Beaumont, TX

Define forecast KPIs, track forecast performance and develop plans to continually improve performance.

02/10/2020: Cincinnati, OH

Document and communicate demand forecast insights to stakeholders up to and including the executive (Partner) level.

12/21/2019: Nassau, NY

Duties include analyzing complex business problems, identifying & interpreting trends affecting performance metrics, managing forecast models, & identifying improvement opportunities.

12/14/2019: Springfield, IL

The Accounts Receivable Analyst job exists to execute Accounts Receivable processes, ensure timely and accurate recording of account receivables into ledgers,….

12/12/2019: Boca Raton, FL
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Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for being a Forecast Analyst

What skills do you need to be a Forecast Analyst?

Management often looks to professional level roles for execution on their visions and goals, as such some specific skills are required.  The workload of this role requires knowledge of: Forecasting.  Sometimes for this role, knowledge of the following is helpful: Demand Planning Software, Inventory Control Software.  If you highlight these skills during your interview process, you will be more likely to land the job!

People's Opinions on Forecast Analyst skills

Meets with operational leadership to understand operational needs and gain insight, and communicates forecast requirements to operational leadership.

02/04/2020: Lincoln, NE

Reviews and reports on forecast to actual metrics, and adjusts forecast as required to achieve accurate forecasts and generates schedules based on business requirement.

01/25/2020: Gulfport, MS

Based on global product line forecast prepare detailed forecast at style/color level for Sourcing to secure capacity.

01/15/2020: Portsmouth, NH

Maintain understanding of market trends, product life cycle & environmental climates that impact demand for products and use this information to produce accurate forecasts.

01/11/2020: Columbus, MS

Collaborate with Planning team to make forecast adjustments based on changing business and market conditions (cross functional work experience).

02/16/2020: Bismarck, ND
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Step 6: View average salary for Forecast Analyst

How much does a Forecast Analyst make?

The average salary range for a Forecast Analyst is from $65,420 to $84,770. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills.

Salary range for a Forecast Analyst
$65,420 to $84,770

Step 7: Find relevant Forecast Analyst jobs, and apply.

Looking for Forecast Analyst jobs?

Here are some Forecast Analyst jobs in the United States.

Search Forecast Analyst Jobs in the United States

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Forecast Analyst