How to become a motivational speaker: All you need to know

To be such a person, you need a wealth of life experience, an extensive perspective and excellent speech and expression skills. To come to you for help, you need to be thoughtful, and loving. Responsible and endeavor to pass the strength to them.

6 Steps to becoming a motivational speaker

No specific education is required to become a motivational speaker; however excellent communication skills and wide experience are essential. It all starts with an idea. A good speaker seeks to convey his idea and speak to their audience by adapting his message to them. In this article, we will introduce several sub- sectioned steps to reach the professional level of this profession.

Step 1: Understand the motivational speaker description and responsibilities

1. Motivational speaker responsibilities

Although this profession relies on the ability to speak but it does not rely on the ability to speak good or bare words, more than speaking something which directly goes to the heart, and that is not easy. You must ensure that your words are time-effective and authenticity can give your audience more strength and positive energy. You have to take responsibility for every word you speak.

2. Motivational speaker requirements

It is necessary to actively understand the skills of speaking. Also, you need to know a lot of people, understand how they live, understand areas that you are not familiar with, and expand your knowledge so that you can help more people.

Step 2: Think before you do: whether is it worth to be a motivational speaker or not

The advantages of this profession are:

1. Welcomed by majority of companies

When the company is facing transformation or some crisis, a speaker is urgently needed to boost the morale, learn professional guidelines of the client company to make a professional speech and use this to get employees back on track.

2. Let you have an originative vision

Motivational speakers must be talented and work hard. To prepare an inspirational speech is essential in this job. You can bring new perspectives to the audience, inspire them, change their views on issues provide help and talk about Interesting and motivational topics

3. Opportunities for transformation and improvement

Once there are channels, inspirational speakers will have a broader employment platform and opportunities, not only limited to speaking, inspirational speakers can also get into the vocational training industry if they have the basis to be qualified for this job.

The disadvantages of this profession are:

1. Too dependent on the platform

It is impossible to speak in-place when you have an idea and whenever you want, which means that you must find a platform and an opportunity to speak and audience to be interested in your speeches, so this largely depends on your channels or even an intermediary company. If you don't have enough resources, you may not work for a long time.

2. The salary system is relatively vague

There are some difficulties and ambiguities in the salary measurement of this job. It is not practical to measure the length and the number of lectures, the salary mainly depends on many factors like , years of expertise, fame and number of conferences a motivational speaker organize.

All in all, this career has broad opportunities to contact the outside world, which can allow you to develop your horizons and improve your business capabilities. It is a career worth training for yourself.

Step 3: Go through College

Career motivation speakers do not have very strict college degree requirements, and college students can have the opportunity to develop into career motivation speakers, but media and communication majors will have advantages.

Everyone has the opportunity to become a professional motivational speaker, and what we need to do on the campus is to "express". It is very important how to express everything you have in mind...

On the contrary, a professional motivational speaker must have professional knowledge. This professional knowledge can be in any field you choose. The content of the lectures you provide can be based on the majors studied in the university and provide consulting, training and other services. Therefore, it is very important to improve your studies. This is the basis for doing a good job in this profession.

Above this, we should consider how to express. The way we speak largely determines the resonance and acceptance of what people say to you. At this time, we should learn about public speaking skills. When you have done this, you can go to some competitions or activities to test what you have learned or improve your level.

Step 4: Internship Opportunity

The form of internship for career-motivated speakers is also more flexible. You can start with joining a club, regularly participate in activities, and respond positively, each time with a fluent expression of their ideas as the minimum requirements, slowly move closer to the host, event organizer, proficient in various types of large and small event processes. Then go to some professional competitions and get a certificate. The career of a practicing speaker is very changeable. It is very necessary to not work in an industry, accumulate working platforms and build a brand.

Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for a motivational speaker

To be qualified for this position, we need to have considerable presentation skills. This requires you to be able to make beautiful and neat PPT presentations. Secondly, your language level has also continued to improve, collect news hot spots around the world, and come up with novel ideas. Besides, to make your words more powerful, excellent speech skills are also necessary.

Step 6: Find relevant motivational speaker jobs, and apply for it.

Nowadays social media has become a distribution center for information news. More and more people will post videos or articles on social media platforms, such as Youtube, Twitter, etc. You can post your work on social platforms. Be prepared to start your career, then participate in some professional competitions, sign up for some speech events and prepare topics, such as TED, etc.

Important Tools for a motivational speaker

Excellent manuscript writing ability;

Ability to play on the spot;

Ability to make presentations;

Certain performance skills & public relations skills

Develop your career path

Now that you know enough about this job, let's summarize how we should carry out career planning.

For this profession, we do not have fixed professional requirements, but your career is determined based on the areas and topics involved in your lectures, so the relevant certificates required, depends on this. Excellent practitioners have professional certification, so when we decide to become a professional motivational speakers, you should start to take the relevant professional and skills certification exams.

According to data from the National Speakers Association (NSA), the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the top 10% of the industry's operators hold certificates, and some of them are also big entrepreneurs or company holders, of course. This condition is not a rigid requirement. The certificate not only reflects your professionalism but also your income protection and promotion capital.

The first step we need to do is to identify the areas of expertise you are involved in. Since you are very familiar with the majors studied in the university, you can start with lectures on related majors and at the same time amass your work experience and vision. Secondly, you can participate in some exchange meetings or related courses. These courses can be related to the major of the lecture, or courses to improve your speaking or presentation skills. These courses will also be offered in universities, you can obtain it very easily.

Next, you should participate in some professional lectures to practice and improve your knowledge. Many companies invite speakers for training or mobilization before the project starts. Speakers who have just started can use these opportunities to build confidence and improve their skills. More importantly, these companies can provide professional platforms and provide some professional studios or courses.

Finally, after your work is on track, you can consider obtaining different certificates. The NSA sponsored a certificate called Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). A certificate can make you more productive and provide more job opportunities.

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