How to Become a Produce Clerk

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Produce Clerk

What does a Produce Clerk do?

A Produce Clerk is responsible for assisting customers in the produce department of a grocery store. Answers questions and helps patrons find requested produce items. Being a Produce Clerk prepares items for display, ensures that display cases are adequately stocked and ensures freshness of produce. Handles produce items in a safe manner and ensures that the department is always clean and neat. Additionally, Produce Clerk may require a high school diploma or its equivalent. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. The Produce Clerk may require 0-1 year of general work experience. Possesses a moderate understanding of general aspects of the job. Works under the close direction of senior personnel in the functional area.

People's Opinions on Produce Clerk responsibilities

A produce clerk provides various services in the produce department of a grocery store, including ordering, receiving, stocking and displaying produce as well as offering customer service to shoppers throughout store hours.

11/27/2019: Fort Wayne, IN

To become a produce clerk, the individual should have previous customer service experience as well as extensive knowledge of produce items.

01/18/2020: Wichita, KS

A produce clerk must understand and perform the duties as assigned by the store’s produce manager, along with department procedures and state regulations.

01/11/2020: Amarillo, TX

The duties of a produce clerk may include ordering products when needed, receiving shipped products, ensuring orders are accurate, stocking products and handling produce presentation for customers’ purchase, including washing and trimming produce.

12/04/2019: Rochester, NY

The produce clerk may also code invoices and train other employees in the department.

01/25/2020: Pascagoula, MS
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Step 2: Learn best tips to become a Produce Clerk

Best tips for those who want to become a Produce Clerk

Here are some tips to become a Produce Clerk.

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Produce clerk cover letter This ppt file includes useful materials for writing cover letter such as cover letter samples, cover letter writing tips and other materials for Produce clerk job application such as resume writing, interview questions….

01/28/2020: Boise, ID
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Step 3: View best colleges and universities for Produce Clerk

Best colleges and universities for Produce Clerk

  • College of the Atlantic
  • Cleveland State University

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be a Produce Clerk

Is being a Produce Clerk Worth it?

People's Opinions on lifestyles

With a focus on providing superior customer service, the produce clerk provides customers with product knowledge and the freshest and best quality produce, replenishing and rotating merchandise, filling refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases, and building colorful and attractive displays.

02/15/2020: Gulfport, MS

Building attractive displays of produce, while maintaining proper product inventory levels.

01/26/2020: Lansing, MI

As a Produce Clerk, you'll handle everything from Stocking the Produce counters, to Slicing Melons, and everything in between.

12/22/2019: New Britain, CT

produce clerk stocking fruits for sale inside chinese supermarket with 4k resolution stock video footage storyblocks video.

02/03/2020: Long Beach, CA

Job Description The Title Clerk will be responsible for the daily processing of vehicle titles.

01/28/2020: Moline, IL
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Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for being a Produce Clerk

What skills do you need to be a Produce Clerk?

Every role has basic skill requirements for success, from supporting level roles to management roles.  These skills will be utilized daily within this role: Customer Service, Display Housekeeping, Merchandise Carry Out/Loading, Retail Customer Support, Wrapping/Bagging.  When applying for this job, it is important to consider these skills, as well as any others you feel would be necessary to succeed.

People's Opinions on Produce Clerk skills

Experienced Produce Clerk seeking new opportunity where expertise will be used with an eye toward professional growth.

01/20/2020: Tampa, FL

Produce clerks are entry-level workers, so previous experience or formal education is not required.

02/20/2020: Sacramento, CA

Although formal education and training isn’t required, produce clerks should have the personal skills that will make them better at the job.

01/15/2020: Burlington, VT

Natural customer service skills are also important since produce clerks work with suppliers, employees and customers on a daily basis.

12/16/2019: Sioux Falls, SD

In order to make sure that produce is ready and able to be sold, Produce Clerks must make sure the right items are displayed in their respective locations and priced correctly.

12/27/2019: Gainesville, FL
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Step 6: View average salary for Produce Clerk

How much does a Produce Clerk make?

The average salary range for a Produce Clerk is from $29,062 to $38,507. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills.

Salary range for a Produce Clerk
$29,062 to $38,507

Step 7: Find relevant Produce Clerk jobs, and apply.

Looking for Produce Clerk jobs?

Search Produce Clerk Jobs in the United States

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Produce Clerk

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Produce Clerk? Produce Clerk