How to Become an Engineering Director

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of an Engineering Director

What does an Engineering Director do?

AN Engineering Director plans and directs all aspects of engineering activities and projects within an organization. Ensures all engineering projects, initiatives, and processes are in conformance with organization's established policies and objectives. Being an Engineering Director utilizes best practice engineering methods and provides expert technical guidance for engineering initiatives. Incorporates components, materials, and tools that result in cost-effective and quality output. Additionally, Engineering Director manages overall engineering budget and costs. Requires a bachelor's degree in engineering or related discipline. Typically reports to top management. The Engineering Director manages a departmental sub-function within a broader departmental function. Creates functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function and develops budgets/policies/procedures to support the functional infrastructure. To be an Engineering Director typically requires 5+ years of managerial experience. Deep knowledge of the managed sub-function and solid knowledge of the overall departmental function.

People's Opinions on Engineering Director responsibilities

Architectural and engineering managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities in architectural and engineering companies.

01/19/2020: Long Beach, CA

Architectural and engineering managers typically do the following.

01/24/2020: Boca Raton, FL

Architectural and engineering managers use their knowledge of architecture or engineering to oversee a variety of activities.

01/19/2020: Long Beach, CA

They may direct and coordinate production, operations, quality assurance, testing, or maintenance at manufacturing sites, industrial plants, engineering services firms, and research and development laboratories.

12/06/2019: Fargo, ND

Architectural and engineering managers are responsible for developing the overall concept of a new product or for solving the technical problems that prevent the completion of a project.

12/24/2019: Evansville, IN
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Step 2: Learn best tips to become an Engineering Director

Best tips for those who want to become an Engineering Director

Here are some tips to become an Engineering Director.

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Push yourself beyond your hard skills.

01/28/2020: Colorado Springs, CO

Commit Yourself to Continuous Professional Development.

02/08/2020: Oakland, CA

Identify Role Models and Mentors.

12/17/2019: Helena, MT

Be ready to invest (lots of) time into hiring.

01/23/2020: Asheville, NC

Invest time in sourcing and improving process.

12/09/2019: Chillicothe, OH
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Step 3: View best colleges and universities for Engineering Director

Best colleges and universities for Engineering Director

  • Butler University
  • Carroll College
  • Cooper Union
  • High Point University
  • Princeton University
  • Providence College

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be an Engineering Director

Is being an Engineering Director Worth it?

People's Opinions on lifestyles

Gurugram-based A M Marketplaces, which runs the social commerce platform LimeRoad, has appointed Ragini Singh as vice president for community and creative and Adesh Kumar as director of engineering.

12/09/2019: Monroe, LA

Job Description We are looking for a highly capable engineering professional to join the management team in our Open Source.

02/28/2020: Somerset, NJ

"Larry and Lisa bring to bear a depth of engineering expertise in developing and testing innovative systems, propulsion elements and cutting-edge technologies that support all facets of NASA's mission," said Marshall Center Director Jody Singer.

02/11/2020: Monterey, CA

Guido Frohnhaus brings the ideal qualities to his role as Managing Director at Arburg.

02/26/2020: Johnstown, PA

Arburg’s senior management team is now once again complete and is made up of Managing Partners Michael Hehl (Plant Development and Spokesperson for the Management Team), Juliane Hehl (Marketing) and Renate Keinath (Human Resources Management), Senior Consulting Partner Eugen Hehl and Managing Directors Juergen Boll (Finance, Controlling, IT), Gerhard Boehm (Sales, Service) and Guido Frohnhaus (Technology & Engineering).

02/02/2020: Manchester, NH
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Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for being an Engineering Director

What skills do you need to be an Engineering Director?

A manager is often judged based on the success of their team and those working below them, as such, many skills are needed.  Success in this role depends on a critical ability in the following: Budget Administration, Computer Simulation, Cost Estimation, Design Optimization, Design Review, Engineering Analysis, Engineering Design, Engineering Management, Feasibility Study, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Prototyping, Quality Assurance Process, Reliability Analysis, Requirements Engineering/Analysis, Technical Project Management, Industry Standards.  Experience in the following is fundamental to this role: CAD Software, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Software.  Skills may vary from job-to-job, but these skills are the ones most commonly associated with this role.

People's Opinions on Engineering Director skills

A well-written resume sample for Engineering Director mentions qualifications such as technical skills, leadership, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving orientation, communication and interpersonal skills, and computer proficiency.

02/10/2020: Waco, TX

Coordinated activities between engineering services departments and production, research and development, design engineering, software engineering, systems, reliability, and quality.

12/19/2019: Fort Worth, TX

Gained customer confidence and respect by building a strong engineering team.

12/29/2019: Pueblo, CO

However, success in engineering is much more multifaceted.

02/10/2020: Topeka, KS

Attract great engineering talent to join the team; and.

12/02/2019: Lexington, KY
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Step 6: View average salary for Engineering Director

How much does an Engineering Director make?

The average salary range for an Engineering Director is from $166,401 to $207,992. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills.

Salary range for an Engineering Director
$166,401 to $207,992

Step 7: Find relevant Engineering Director jobs, and apply.

Looking for Engineering Director jobs?

Here are some Engineering Director jobs in the United States.

Search Engineering Director Jobs in the United States

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Engineering Director

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Engineering Director? Engineering Director