The Case of the Online Criminal Justice Degree

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Do you hunker down with a bowl of popcorn to watch Forensic Files? Do you TiVo every episode of CSI, including the numerous spin-offs? Then, you might want to consider a career in criminal justice by enrolling in an online criminal justice program.

While it used to be that those in the criminal justice system did not go to college, the rapidly evolving science and technology of crime solving, as well as the need to develop verbal skills, writing skills, management techniques and strategic planning ability have led more criminal justice organizations to seek people with degrees. Now, as the field of criminal justice heats up with more people interested in Homeland Security positions and forensic science, a college degree is a requirement.

There are many fascinating aspects within the umbrella of criminal justice. Online schools for criminal justice have sprung up, educating professionals to enforce the law, investigate crimes, collect evidence, protect others from criminal and terrorist activities, and develop criminal rehabilitation plans and security programs.

Jobs in the criminal justice field include corrections officers, police officers, probation officers, customs agents, CIA agents, DEA agents, FBI agents, Secret Service agents, crime scene investigators and forensics experts. In a world where new types of crimes are created as technology advances and globalization increases, there will be a greater need for people to solve and prevent these crimes.

Online schools for criminal justice recognize the growing need to provide comprehensive e-learning modules for online criminal justice degrees. That is why there are many specializations created for online criminal justice degree programs that may not yet be available in traditional settings. For example, some relevant online criminal justice degrees include a B.S. degree in juvenile justice, global issues in criminal justice law, computer security and forensics, homeland security and emergency management, homeland security technology, cyber crime, and crime scene investigation.

Besides the textbook theory of criminal justice, online degree programs are in touch with what today’s employers seek: effective interpersonal and communication skills, strong problem-solving capabilities, and mental and emotional training to combat the many stressful situations that a criminal justice job may bring.

To get started on a criminal justice online degree, do your investigative report on whether the criminal justice degree program is accredited, what courses are offered, costs, what types of financial aid is available and how will that online university help facilitate your criminal justice job search.

Remember, an online criminal justice degree will take discipline and commitment to achieve a successful end. Case closed, an online criminal justice degree is what you need to be the star of your own criminal justice program.

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