Top 10 Richest Self-made Women in America

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Beyoncé put it simply when she answered her own question – “Who run the world? Girls.” The incredible individuals on Forbes’ rankings of America’s richest self-made women have dominated a multitude of industries, using social media to brand their businesses into the future. This year’s list boasts six more billionaires and 15% more combined wealth among the top 60 compared to last year.

 Here are the ladies that cracked the top ten:

1. Diane Hendricks

Net worth: $4.9 Billion

Diane Hendricks co-founded ABC Supply with her husband Ken in 1982. Today, it is one of the largest wholesale distributors of siding, roofing, and windows in America with over 700 locations nationwide. She has run the company since Ken’s death in 2007, buying rival Bradco in 2010 and L&W Supply in 2016.