What Can You Do with a Political Science Degree?

Eager to make a positive impact and change the world? Then college graduates should consider majoring in political science. For starters, a political science major requires you to study government structures worldwide. Be it the history of the governmental organization, political parties, and international relations.

You’ll also learn how laws and public policy are made and the impact they pose on a country’s citizens and economy. Political science careers come in various areas of work, such as public relations, law, consulting, and government research. Without further ado, read on to learn about the 9 intriguing political science degree jobs.

1. Political Consultant

Making it first on the list of what can you do with a political science degree is becoming a political consultant. You will use the knowledge gained from your studies or past experiences to devise strategies for candidates in a political party to gain support from voters. Your day-to-day job also includes branding candidates via writing speeches, public messaging, or doing PRs, all to carry out a successful political campaign. The average salary of a political consultant is $55,068 in the United States.

2. Attorney

Jobs in political science include pursuing a legal career. Attorneys or lawyers specialize in legal works for political figures or to conduct research about policy issues and draft documents for pending legislation. With legal skills developed by majoring in political science, the job of attorneys also includes delivering arguments on behalf of their clients and attempt to sway decision-makers into buying into their stance. These professional positions in the United States get you an average of $99,080, topping the list of political science degree jobs with the highest salary.

3. Legislator

A legislator is someone with the authority to create new laws and change existing ones. Legislators are also tasked to propose new bills and hold votes to ensure the passing of their legislation. Voters elect them to run for the federal, state, and local governments. While a degree is not necessarily needed, graduating with a degree in political science will provide you with a better understanding of how governments function. Salary.com reports that legislators earn an average of $83,934 as of March 29, 2021.

4. Political Campaign Staff

Prior to elections, political campaign staff are essential to help formulate and execute campaign strategies. Similar to political consultants, they have to build a favorable public image of the political candidate. These political science careers require writing press releases and drafting languages for speeches. They, too, supervise volunteers and raise money to fund the campaign. For political campaign staff in the United States, you will be earning an average pay of $60,076, with a salary range between $56,235 and $67,390.

5. Public Relations Specialist

Graduates with a degree in political science can also secure the job of a public relations specialist. Your job will be to influence public opinions on the candidates that deal with stories to the media. Skills of drafting persuasive and compelling press releases are needed to show the benefits of covering a story. You will also organize press conferences and other events beneficial to your candidate to get the word out. The average salary of a public relations specialist in the States is $56,005 as of March 29, 2021.

6. Policy Analyst

Policy analysts will have the opportunity to work for the government, legislators, or candidates. These positions require you to be well-versed with existing or proposed policies. Graduating with a degree in political science will enable you to have great research and analysis skills, which help when you identify, create, and carry out policies and programs. Besides, you will have to conduct researches and survey on the policies that were implemented. This career enables you to earn an average of $59,854.

7. Political scientist

What does a political scientist do? There are three areas a political scientist has to master: researching, analyzing, and forecasting. Generally, political scientists research, gather and analyze findings related to political persons and policies. They understand the effects of each policy and predict trends and effects based on past occurrences. Once the results of the findings are out, they submit them by giving presentations and publishing articles. On average, they will be earning from $57,237 and $107,299.

8. Political Journalist

Political journalists make the list of jobs in political science that are well sought out. If you care for politics but don’t necessarily want to become a politician, this career may fit you. Your main responsibilities include compiling and reviewing reports on political stances. As most of you will be working for a news organization, you’ll need to write articles and conduct interviews for print and online publications. It’s a job with high satisfaction as you are educating the public on the ongoing happenings of the world. Many political journalists earn from a range of $28,670 and $45,047.

9. Political Research Analyst

As a political science graduate, these next jobs hold high standards in analysis. These jobs require one to analyze information to make projections and identify trends. At the same time, other political research analysts will analyze the reactions and how voters will respond to the political candidates. Their work often involves surveying voters' reactions and backing up their data with recommendations on how to improve the stance of a political candidate. Those of you thinking of taking up these jobs will be earning an average of $65,048 per annum.

With that, it’s safe to say there are plenty of jobs for graduates of political science, so don’t worry! It’s a versatile degree and can open careers in politics, media, and other organizations that will surely be able to benefit from your services.

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