Heather Dugan

A nationally published writer, columnist and author as well as a voiceover and video talent/producer, Heather’s focus is on creative communication and human connection. Helping others to tap into their talents and “launch” is a primary passion, and Heather's public speaking and radio/TV interview topics include life launching; divorce, dating and relationships; healthcare patient responsibility and work/family issues.

Her newest book "Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends," examines the impact of loneliness and social obsolescence on men and women in their second single lives, and provides punctuating proof that looking for love from a place of isolation is as unwise as grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

Links to books and audio/video clips can be found at http://www.heatherdugan.com, and she enjoys connecting with readers on her websites and via social media. Passionately curious, Heather is both a dedicated traveler and lifelong learner. She resides in Central Ohio with her children and a wayward chocolate lab, is slightly addicted to the outdoors and would never let her passport expire.

Articles By Heather Dugan