A New Home for CompAnalyst.com on the Web

by Alys Scott - May 17, 2018
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Last night we transitioned CompAnalyst.com from a standalone domain to its new home on the Web - Salary.com. In this new, unified experience, the Salary team will be better able to deliver experiences that resonate for everyone who visits our site.

For Existing Customers

Note that the CompAnalyst product has not changed - you can still log into CompAnalyst products via these URLs:

Your account and login remain the same - you can log into the CompAnalyst products just as you did before we combined our websites. Your old bookmarks will also work, as we will redirect CompAnalyst.com URLs to their new homes on Salary.com.

Why Did We Merge CompAnalyst.com into Salary.com?

For years, we've had two separate sites - Salary.com for personal users and small businesses, and CompAnalyst.com for enterprise companies. Our compensation community and vision extend broadly across consumer and corporate audiences, and we intend to create an integrated content and user experience to reflect that. With one unified site, we will deliver personalized journeys, information and resources, and product profiles for the many distinct audiences we serve.

We hope that this change will unite our growing communities and make our offerings more clear and accessible to everyone who visits Salary.com. We continue to focus on fulfilling our customer-centric mission.

What do you think of this change? Let us know with the user feedback form on this page.

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