Hot Jobs in IT: Johnson City Government Case Study

by Staff - May 15, 2017
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A Market Review Case Study: Johnson County Government

Businesses large and small have become dependent on technology in order to maintain their day to day functions and as a result, information technology jobs are in hot demand. Organizations across the country are vying for top talent in this field, particularly individuals with advanced degrees and multiple certifications. As a large government entity, Johnson County Government knew in order to attract and retain top talent, it was vital to ensure the technology salary ranges were competitive within the regional market.

“We knew it was time to ensure appropriate market placement if we were going to attract and retain the best talent,” said Tambra Wise, Compensation and Classification Manager for Johnson County Government. “As a large county government, it’s imperative our operations run smoothly. Having a strong information technology team is an integral part of ensuring this happens.”

In order to ensure appropriate market placement, they knew they needed a solid, well-established and trusted compensation focused consulting company in which to obtain personalized survey data, so they enlisted Compdata Consulting. The goals laid out by Johnson County Government were two-fold. The first was to compare the job responsibilities of their information technology positions against the current market to ensure they were aligned. The second was to review current pay ranges for those jobs in order to determine how they stacked up to other organizations in their market.

Compdata Consulting used various sources to benchmark the responsibilities of each job and to analyze their current pay ranges against the marketplace. Compdata Consulting identified improvements to the job descriptions, as well as recommended salary updates based on the analysis. The results provided Johnson County Government the information they needed to strengthen their overall compensation competitiveness within the technology sector.

Johnson County Government continues its relationship with Compdata Consulting and regularly contacts our consultants for guidance and advice on various compensation issues.

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