Performance Management – What’s Next?

There is a fundamental change driving performance management this decade. What previously was a once-a-year meeting has become an ongoing feedback loop. But supporting this …

by Neil Sandefur - March 30, 2017

How Creating a Pay Structure Drives Employee Engagement

I saw the benefits of salary structures first hand from the start of my career, I just didn’t know it. My first two years in …

by Matt Nollman - February 24, 2017

Pay Transparency Laws and What They Mean for You

In a recent survey, 85% of organizations reporting that employees understand their compensation philosophy also reported a high level of engagement. -2017 Salary.com Compensation Outlook …

by Christopher Fusco, CCP, GRP, SPHR - February 16, 2017

How Does Fair Pay Apply to Your Company?

If you’re in compensation, you’ve probably come across the widely reported 80% statistic (a woman makes 80% of what a man makes in the same …

by Mark Szypko, CCP, GRP - February 3, 2017

The Basics of Market Pricing a Job

It’s pop quiz time. You are in the process of pricing a job, can you tell me the value of an entry-level accounting role in …

by Katie Stukowski - January 26, 2017

A New Way to Think About Your Salary Budgets

If you haven’t yet held your 2017 planning meetings, they’re likely right around the corner. Instead of just taking giant spreadsheets into the meeting, try …

by Scott Sargent, CCP - January 5, 2017

Writing Job Descriptions That Bring in A-List Candidates

Attracting talent to your organization seems like it would be pretty simple – just post a job description on your website or the job boards …

by Christopher Knize, CCP, GRP - December 8, 2016

When It Comes to Salary Budgets, What’s the Right Number for You?

It’s November, and along with setting aside time to be spent with family and friends over the holidays, it’s also time to look toward the …

by Christopher Fusco, CCP, GRP, SPHR - November 23, 2016

Federal Overtime Regulations and What They Mean for Your Company

Starting on December 1, 2016, employers across the country will have to contend with new federal overtime regulations, when the provisions to the Fair Labor …

by Christopher Fusco, CCP, GRP, SPHR - November 18, 2016

365-Day Compensation Plan Checklist

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is right around the corner. And now that we’re in the fourth quarter of 2016, many companies are focused …

by Mark Szypko, CCP, GRP - October 31, 2016