Scaling back on Bonuses? Male Employees may not Work as Hard

There’s no doubt that a competitive base salary is the first priority when attracting highly-skilled job seekers and retaining employees over time. But in the …

by Connor Harrison - October 4, 2018

5 Things to Know Before Starting a Career in HR

Whenever I tell anyone that I work in HR, I’m often met with a solemn look and the response “oh, I’m sorry.” First, there’s no …

by Jillian Marques - September 26, 2018

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare IT: A Holy Spirit Health System Testimonial

A Job Evaluation  As part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in 2009, healthcare organizations across the country must begin using electronic health …

by Salary Admin - September 20, 2018

5 Ways to Brand Your Company to Attract Top Talent

These days, a person’s “personal brand” is paramount. Take Taylor Swift for instance: how many times has she (successfully) reinvented herself over the past five …

by Tory Waldron - September 19, 2018

8 Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

Once upon a time, occupational stress was less acute. But now work and life are necessarily interwoven, with 45% of employees experiencing a chronic feeling of …

by Tory Waldron - September 13, 2018

August Compensation Trends 2018: HR Monthly

Welcome back to the eighth edition of the “compensation corral”– a monthly round-up highlighting 10 relevant articles in the compensation space. This month’s hot topics include non-traditional benefits, 401(k)s, retention tactics, …

by Kara Deyermenjian - August 31, 2018

An Overview of STI Options for Your Organization: Performance-Based Plans

In the war for talent, organizations are pulling out all the stops to recruit highly-skilled job seekers and retain top employees. A competitive base salary …

by Connor Harrison - August 28, 2018

Millennials Speak Up: What They Look for in a Company

How Do I Attract Millennials To My Company? It’s the dawning of the age of millennials, and companies are encountering new challenges when attracting, engaging, …

by Tory Waldron - August 20, 2018

War for Talent: How to Deliver the Right Offer

In the War for Talent, hiring a top candidate means putting a fair, competitive salary on the table. “Delivering the right offer,” is a meticulous …

by Connor Harrison - August 14, 2018

July Compensation Trends 2018: What’s Everyone Talking About?

Welcome back to the seventh edition of the “compensation corral” – a monthly round-up highlighting 10 relevant articles in the compensation sphere. This month’s hot topics include hiring tips in …

by Connor Harrison - August 1, 2018