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Cybersecurity in the World of HR Analytics

These days cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds.  In May, we watched as the Colonial Pipeline shutdown paralyzed the East Coast after a ransomware attack.  Also …

by Dwight Brown - August 24, 2021
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The Great Resignation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has tracked and reported job openings, leaves, and turnover (JOLT) for the past 30 years.  When the pandemic hit there …

by Lori Craig - August 17, 2021
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: “A Millennial Perspective”

Creating a sustainable culture of inclusion within an organization is top priority of most organizations. Of course, this effort needs to be undertaken with great …

by Katherine Rodriquez and Wyatt Fernandes - August 11, 2021
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How Your Business Processes Can Inspire Your HR Metrics

“What metrics should I include in my rollout?” This is one of the most common questions we hear from people building their people analytics content. While …

by Dino Zincarini - August 11, 2021
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Data Driven Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In 2016, I had the honor of designing and developing a pay equity technology solution that companies could use to visualize the potential pay gaps …

by David Turetsky - August 3, 2021
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People Analytics Applications: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Let’s say your organization has bought into the idea of building a people analytics capability. Great! First step is to start shopping for tools right? …

by Dino Zincarini - July 20, 2021
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Remote Work & Compensation: The Path Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic forced US organizations into accommodations to keep their businesses running.  Where possible, remote ‘work-from-home’ alternatives were developed to maintain operations.  While there …

by David Cross - July 11, 2021
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What Makes A Good Analyst, Anyway?

What makes a good Analyst?  Analyst is a very broad term used differently in every organization and job.  But when you think of an Analyst …

by Dwight Brown - July 7, 2021
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Start Where You Are: Part of the “Improving DE&I for SMBs” Series

Improving DE&I starts with assessing where you are, figuring out what needs work, then prioritizing, figuring out what to measure, and setting goals and targets. …

by Lenna Turner - July 1, 2021
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Making Room for Differences: Part of the “Improving DE&I for SMBs” Series

Here are a lot of fundamental obstacles in DE&I work: How do we fix something that many people can’t even see or don’t believe is …

by Heather Bussing - July 1, 2021
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Managing Change: Part of the “Improving DE&I for SMBs” Series

Assessing Your Organization’s Culture When we think about diversity, equity, and inclusion as a health and safety issue rather than a compliance issue, our focus …

by Heather Bussing - June 29, 2021
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Using Analytics To Measure Employee Experience Impact On Profit

This week our blog is brought to you by Pat Acheampong, the founder of Ahumka Digital. He is a self-proclaimed Tech Junkie, a Would be …

by Pat Acheampong - GUEST BLOGGER - June 29, 2021
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Getting Started with People Analytics

One of the biggest challenges with any project is figuring out what steps to take to get started. If you know you need or want …

by Dino Zincarini - June 22, 2021
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4 Things You Can Do to Move Your DE&I Initiatives Forward

Salary.com’s Director of DE&I, Lenna Turner, recently hosted a special speaker panel, “How Practitioners are Moving the DE&I Conversation Forward,” featuring panelists from Chevron, WarnerMedia Studios, and Reddit. They talked openly …

by Erin Mahar - June 18, 2021
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Leveraging Pay Equity to Elevate Diversity & Inclusion Goals

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have become a strategic priority among business sectors in virtually every developed labor market across the globe. Here in the U.S., …

by Garry Straker - June 18, 2021
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3 Tips on How to Manage DE&I in Your Organization

Salary.com’s Director of DE&I, Lenna Turner, hosted a special speaker panel, “How Practitioners are Moving the DE&I Conversation Forward,” featuring panelists from Chevron,  WarnerMedia Studios, and Reddit. They talked openly …

by Erin Mahar - June 18, 2021
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Big Value From Small Data – Guest Blog by John Tardy

Our friend and recent podcast guest John Tardy wrote this guest blog post expanding upon his discussion of focusing on Big Value not just Big …

by John Tardy - GUEST BLOGGER - June 15, 2021
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The Top Four Lessons Learned From 100 People Analytics Deployments

Our blog post this week comes from Jon Burton, the Senior People Analytics Consultant from Visier. We appreciate the opportunity to hear from Jon who …

by Jon Burton - GUEST BLOGGER - June 8, 2021


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