An Overview of Profit Sharing Plans for Your Organization

In addition to a competitive base salary, employees value other total compensation elements that help make an offer worthwhile. In addition to performance-based short-term incentive …

by Connor Harrison - October 16, 2018

An Overview of Stock and Stock Value Equity Plans

Equity-based stock plans align employees with shareholder interests, encouraging them to feel a sense of ownership in the organization’s success. Employees can accrue wealth over …

by Connor Harrison - October 16, 2018

How a Bonus Structure Impacts Male and Female Employees

Short-term incentives plans allow companies to reward employee based on how they advanced the goals of the organization, and what they accomplished individually over the …

by Connor Harrison - October 4, 2018

5 Things to Know Before Starting an HR Career

Whenever I tell anyone that I work in HR, I’m often met with a solemn look and the response “oh, I’m sorry.” First, there’s no …

by Jillian Marques - September 26, 2018

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare IT: A Holy Spirit Health System Testimonial

As part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in 2009, healthcare organizations across the country began using electronic health records by 2015. Holy …

by Salary.com Staff - September 20, 2018

5 Employer Branding Initiatives to Attract Top Talent

How do you make your company stand out? How do your make your company appeal to prospects among thousands of job postings, particularly in this …

by Tory Waldron - September 19, 2018

8 Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

Mental health and employee wellbeing have become staple issues of this decade. Companies are taking measures to ensure workers are happy and healthy mentally, but …

by Tory Waldron - September 13, 2018

A Look Back at Summer 2018 HR & Compensation Trends

It’s fascinating to look back at the trends and events that were dominating HR and compensation circles in years’ past. Summer 2018’s hot topics included …

by Kara Deyermenjian - August 31, 2018

An Overview of Performance-Based Short-Term Incentive Plans

Providing monthly, quarterly, or annual short-term incentives to employees can – when administered correctly – drive engagement and retention. There are a whole range of …

by Connor Harrison - August 28, 2018

Employment Edition: Tips on Attracting Your Perfect Match

In the modern War for Talent, both the employer and the employee need to “have butterflies,” so to speak, if a working relationship is going …

by Kara Deyermenjian - August 24, 2018