Millennials Speak Up: What They Look For In A Company

It’s the dawning of the age of millennials, and companies are encountering new challenges when attracting, engaging, and retaining this unique, technologically-savvy generation of workers. …

by Tory Waldron - August 20, 2018

War for Talent: Recruiting Resources to Deliver the Right Offer

In the War for Talent, hiring a top candidate means putting a fair, competitive salary on the table. “Delivering the right offer” is a meticulous …

by Connor Harrison - August 14, 2018

July Compensation Trends 2018: What was Everyone Talking About?

It’s fascinating to look back at the trends and events that were dominating HR and compensation circles in years’ past. July 2018’s hot topics included …

by Connor Harrison - August 1, 2018

Salary.com and Compdata Surveys & Consulting Have Merged

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we’ve merged with Compdata Surveys & Consulting, one of the leading national compensation survey data and consulting firms in …

by Tory Waldron - July 30, 2018

How to Attract (and Retain) Manufacturing Talent

Talent shortages continue to challenge companies, HR professionals, and recruiters across the U.S. – and no industry feels this harder than manufacturing. According to The …

by Tory Waldron - July 19, 2018

Employees Look to Change Jobs for Higher Pay in this Talent Market

As the talent market grows more competitive, employees are changing jobs at surprising rate. Of the 6.1 million Americans who were jobless in May, about …

by Connor Harrison - July 12, 2018

June Compensation Trends 2018: What’s Everyone Talking About?

Thank you for checking out the sixth edition of the “compensation corral” – a monthly round-up summarizing 10 topically relevant articles in the space. This …

by Kara Deyermenjian - July 3, 2018

Attract and Retain Millennials with a Practical Approach

Not all companies can offer fun employee perks like ping pong tables, nap rooms, or free snacks, and yet we are all faced with the …

by Salary.com Staff - June 28, 2018

SHRM18 Helped Us Expand Our World: 5 Important Takeaways

“I love this conference because it’s 22,000 people looking for the same thing: knowledge,” Jillian Marques, Director of HR at Salary.com Putting ‘Human’ Back in …

by Tory Waldron - June 25, 2018

Customer Testimonials: How Our Product Assists HR Professionals

Salary.com has created and maintained the most expansive compensation database available to consumers and businesses worldwide. While we take a lot of pride in our …

by Connor Harrison - June 15, 2018