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CompAnalyst Crowd-Sourced Data Options

UNIVERSAL ACCESS: International pricing accuracy starts with truly global data

CompAnalyst's global market data sets deliver real-time access to critical market prices in sixteen countries.

Easy navigation

Quickly find, match, scope, and price jobs across multiple global data sets.

IIntegrated analytics

Stay ahead of the curve with analytics embedded directly into pricing workflows.

Simplified expansion

Add new CompAnalyst Market Data geographies as your business grows.

Choose Your View : Different data views for different tasks

Quickly include or exclude different locations from pricing comparisons. Define new pay markets, compare prices, and save scopes for future use.

Smart workflows

Finish your work in no time flat. Streamlined workflows make it easy to market price, run reports, and quickly deliver value to your global business.

See it in action

Mobile Access: Fully responsive design

Access data anytime, anywhere. Market price jobs and access interactive reports from any mobile device with our fully responsive platform.

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