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Customized Job Templates

Structure how your job descriptions look and feel with an unlimited number of job templates that you can customize to fit the needs of your organization. Lay out all the fields and tables you need to accurately define your jobs such as job summary, duties & responsibilities, and competencies. When creating job description templates, you can add new fields or groupings, adjust requirements, and input instructions for team members.

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Unique Job Templates
  • Standard Job Description Template: JobArchitectTM users can use a standard job description template built by our experts.

  • Complete Customization: Add, remove, or edit existing fields in any job description template. Edit groups or field names to map to how your company best describes your positions.

  • Security at the Field Level: You have the option to set a field as required for approval, read-only, or hidden from pricing.

Built-In Guidance
  • Edit Instructions: Add instruction text to any of the fields in a job description template and ensure accuracy when colleagues edit job descriptions. Instruction text is visible next to the field name and easily accessible.

Manage Job Description Templates
  • Organized Management: View a complete list of your job description templates all in one place.

  • Template Control: Begin the process of creating a new template or editing any existing one from our centralized command center.

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